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Monitoring Bounce Rate and Why it Matters

Bounce rate can seem like such a silly metrics to most analysts. It can seem like it hardly ever changes day to day or vary greatly from site to site (within industries, of course). So why is it used as a key metrics in so many analytics tools? Because if analyzed correctly, bounce rate can tell you if your site is malfunctioning, if your advertising dollars are being well spent, and which channels are best at getting engaged visitors to your website.

Media Buyers - Who are they?

The media buyer as portrayed on Mad Men, courtesy of thefilteredlens.comToday's media buyer is much like Harry Crane from AMC's Mad Men - a dapper young enthusiast with big ideas about new media and a certain loyalty to the game. They are passionate workers that often start at the bottom of an agency; the pay is low and there's not a lot of training.

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