About the Author

Heather Lamb

I started this blog because I feel like I am always answering the same questions to clients, and I want the information to be readily available to anyone. Sometimes I feel like the digital marketing world is very secretive!

First off, I am a mathematics super nerd. I love analyzing large data sets to find insights for better results. When I was younger I always told people I wanted a job where I could go into a business and fix whatever they were doing wrong. These days I largely help business use their data better, and most of that work has been in the digital analytics realm. So you could say I am ultimately living out my long-term dream of fixing business process.

Since I have spent a majority of my career in marketing, I have gotten a pretty good feel for the lay of the land - whether it's print ads, television, digital display, direct mail, email, or CRM. I also spend a lot of time inside the consumer purchase funnel. It's thrilling to see how each consumer acts based on what stage of relationship they are in with a particular product. (And believe me, each industry is vastly different!)

At the end of the day I want to be a resource for marketers to use their data to better connect with their consumers. This means using A/B Testing, UX Optimization, and Attribution and Predictive Modeling in both B2C and B2B markets.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for more information.